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Did you know that in Canada, approximately

1 in 3 births are delivered via C-Section/ Cesarean? Or that it’s the number one surgery performed in the country.


"To The Core" is a short film that investigates these rising rates, questioning if every

procedure is truly about saving lives or if it benefits doctor's schedules and pay cheques more.


The film also amplifying the voices of women who've undergone C-Sections, revealing the profound physical, mental, and emotional impacts, while exploring solutions for optimal post-partum support and recovery.

We would like to thank the Canada Council for the Arts for supporting the research and development of this film.  Please help us raise money towards the production costs by making a donation on our GoFundMe page.

You can also stay tuned on the progress of the film by following us on instagram: @tothecorefilm.

Directed & Produced by Lisa Michelle Cornelius
Produced by: Monica Iyah Mustelier


a short documentary film

about the rising rates of C-Section births in Canada

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