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Our Projects

Our work is as colourful, rich and diverse as the storytellers, cast and crews that bring our stories to life. 

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To The Core 

Documentary feature film


Director: Lisa Michelle Cornelius

C-Section deliveries are on the rise in Canada, often leaving behind emotional and psychological scars as pronounced as the ones on the skin. 

Is every C-section administered truly in the baby and parents’ best interests? Or are some other interests at play?

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RevMed - Poster Mockup.png

Revolution Med


Television series, 1-hour drama



Arwen Humphreys & Lisa Michelle Cornelius

In 1969 Toronto, one of the first Black female doctors in Canada and a white housewife-turned-nurse, come up against a hospital
administration and a world that is determined to keep them in their place... inspiring them to start their own revolutions.

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Las Olas


Dramatic feature film


Writer/Director: Monica Mustelier

When a 17-year-old Afro-Latinx honor student faces the violent loss of her brother, her world comes crashing down. Grappling with survivor’s guilt, she pushes her

thrill-seeking behaviour to dangerous limits, driving her mother to send her to Cuba with her estranged father. There, she struggles with cultural differences, until she is compelled to find solace in music, photography and family.

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