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Our Projects

Sunday Baby films Inc. currently has dramatic feature films, TV shows, a web series and a feature documentary in development.  Read on to learn more about each project.


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To The Core 

Documentary feature film

(In Development)

Producer, Director: Lisa Michelle Cornelius

Co-Producers: Shonna Foster & Monica Mustelier

To The Core is a documentary that investigates the prevalent rise of C-Section births in Canada - uncovering stories of medical misconduct and centering the healing of maternal trauma often
associated with the procedure.

The Kick Inside


Feature Film - Drama


Writer, Director:  Ivan Madeira

Producer:  Lisa Michelle Cornelius

A failed musician turned office worker embarks on an emotional odyssey of self-discovery in the Philippines, where he unexpectedly finds inspiration and love from a captivating local artist. But their passionate romance takes an unexpected turn as he becomes entangled in a dangerous web of secrets, pushing their love and resolve to the limits.



Dramatic feature film


Writer/Director: Monica Mustelier

Producer:  Lisa Michelle Cornelius

After losing her brother to a violent altercation, Kaleah Martines
struggles with her survivor's guilt and spirals into dangerous and
self-destructive behaviour forcing her mother to send her to Cuba
to live with her estranged father.


Harlow Solid (1).png



Television series, Dramedy

8 x :45

(In Development)

Writer, Creator:  Vicki Kim

Executive Producer, Director:  Gloria Ui Young Kim

Set in Seoul, South Korea in the 70’s, this is the OG K-Pop story where two young, wide-eyed sisters gamble on themselves and create a pop band, in a bid to save their family from shame and financial ruin.  This riches to rags, back to riches story is based on true events of a real Korean pop band called “The Young Sisters”. 

Rev Med Poster (Poster (18 × 24 in Portrait)).png


Television series, Drama

8 x :60


Creators: Arwen Humphreys &

Lisa Michelle Cornelius

In 1969 Toronto, one of the first Black female doctors in Canada and a white housewife-turned-nurse, come up against a hospital
administration and a world that is determined to keep them in their place - inspiring them to start their own revolutions.

Rev Med Poster (Poster (18 × 24 in Portrait)) (1).png


Web Series - Comedy

6 x :15


Creators:  Lisa Michelle Cornelius &

Monica Mustelier

A struggling shift supervisor of a discount furniture chain returns to her hometown to help save her parents’ Halloween party supply store from being closed down.  Only to find herself falling in love with the greedy developer responsible for her parents’ financial ruin.

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